Antivirus and its aspects

Compressors and Archives Another important work of every AntiVirus kernel is the maintenance for compressed or archived file formats: ZIP, GZ, 7z, XAR, and RAR, to name just a few. Anti viruses should be able to decompress and navigate through all the files inside any compressed or archived file, as well as compressed streams in PDF files and other file formats. Because Antivirus kernels must support so many different file formats and extensions, vulnerabilities are often found in the code that deals with this variety of input. Below are the various aspects of the AntiVirus. Also Check :  Webroot Safe Antivirus Installation Antivirus and its Techniques Usual Misconceptions about Antivirus Software Web Advancement Techniques for Web Designer Unpackers An unpacker is a daily process or set of routines developed for unpacking protected or compressed executable and batch files. Executable Malware or batch malware is commonly packed using freely available cheap and